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The historical ice-cream parlour Sporting overlooking the Rotonda 1° Maggio in Milano Marittima is back, thanks to Royal Beach company with Caffé Pascucci & Babbi Ice Cream

The Sporting returns to be what it was at its origin, a cafeteria-ice cream where you can savor a bowl of ice cream sitting at the table.

Elements of classic design meet renovated furniture, warm materials such as wood are combined with the natural stone of Ceppo di Gré.

The trait d’union is embodied by the continuous sign of the counter, a constant background inside the place, with its frontpart that manages to be contemporary while having strong references to the aesthetics of the 60s existing furniture elements.



Year: 2021
Where: Milano Marittima, Ravenna, IT
Client: Royal Beach Milano Marittima con Caffé Pascuccu & Babbi Gelati

Architectural project: GMA Architecture & Interior Design

Landscape: Cecilia Verdini 
Photos: Angelo Ciccolo Photography
Structures: Angelo Sermonesi (Sermonesi & Partners)

Construction company: Mattia Lucchi Impresa Edile
Custom furniture: Merli Arredamenti & Marini Marmi

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